Our roots in horticulture run three generations deep at fancy Frangipanis and Frangi Magic. It began with William James Thomson Mead who grew a successful fresh fruit farming business in Renmark South Australia and my father Micheal John Mead moved to Papua New guinea where he developed large plantation industries. On resettling in Australia in 1976 he began growing South African Protea for cut flowers and the rest, as they say, is history.

Having grown up absorbing a deep appreciation of flowering plants, I completed a degree in Horticulture at Gatton in 1983 with the intention of following in the family business of farming. I devoted 15 years of my life to supporting ornamental, vegetable and tree crop growers and industries in Queensland as a front line DPI extension officer before starting out on my own.

My training, experience and a wealth of family knowledge have all played a part in this business. We’ve spent 12 years collecting samples from all over Australia to add to our breeding program which spans several sites. Our breeding program has roughly 1800 plant crosses in evaluation with new varieties to be added on an ongoing basis. We’re also the innovators behind the multi grafted frangipani, Sunrise Magic, a first for Australia.

Frangipanis only begin to flower about ten years after they’ve germinated so this was far from an overnight success. A decade of research, crossbreeding, experimentation and hundreds of individual plants have gone into the creation of the 1800 different frangipanis we currently have (with more on the way). They continue to be gradually named and catalogued then made available for purchase online and at our nurseries.

Points of difference

Training and Experience

The Fancy Frangipanis team, led by [NAME] is highly trained with decades of experience in all aspects of growing and nurturing gorgeous, hardy frangipani trees. We offer our industry expertise in making selections for your landscaping projects or deciding among options for resale.

Sunrise Magic - The Living Bouquet

Our unique, multi grafted advanced frangipanis represent over a decade of intense research and trial (and it shows). Sunrise Magic combines the superb fragrance, synchronised long flowering and complimentary display of specially selected flower types to evoke the magic of a tropical sunrise with each bloom.

Classic Range

Our breeding and selection program began in 2005 and we currently offer over 300 different frangipani flower types at our plant nursery in Bundaberg Central Queensland.. These beautifully perfumed flowers produce large bunches of flowers in the warmer months and are long lasting.

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