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With its sumptuous fragrance and gorgeous blooms, frangipanis add a dose of exotic charm to any landscaping project!

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We’re Frangi Magic, the wholesale side of Fancy Frangipanis and home to a unique selection of established and potted Frangipani plants.

We’re a proud Australian-owned business with nurseries located in Bundaberg and Tully.  We have years of history in the industry and we’ve spent more than 12 years developing our rare collection of over 150 stunning frangipani varieties.

With our home-grown breeding program, we’re able to achieve outstanding results not just in terms of the beauty of our flowers but their hardiness too. Whether you’re interested in our frangipanis for a large scale landscaping job, to add to the stock of flowers you sell or to enhance your outdoor space at home, you can’t go wrong with Frangi Magic!

Sunrise Magic


These unique multi-grafted advanced plants feature two or three different flower types selected from the Fancy Frangipanis collection.

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“Prompt delivery and great palletising, plants arrived perfectly through our live plant couriers.”

We started selling as the plants were unpacked from the truck, Customers just wanted them straight away.

I put a selection of your 45L bags near the entrance to the Garden Centre, they just walk out the door everyday.  Your advanced evergreen whites are the best I have seen for years.

The multigrafted three- and two-colour types on the one plant “Sunrise Magic” is just a hit. We have people driving over 100km to buy them, innovative, advanced, just stunning.

“Your multi layer packaging on the pallet makes transport cost effective.”

We haven’t seen advanced trees this good for years. 100L bag trees over 2m high, why wait frangipanis are slow growing and these make a perfect instant display.

We just love your branding and labelling. Makes a perfect display and out customers can pick the colour types easily.

We like your great imaging and brochure display posters. They help our customers to understand what we have on offer and make a choice easily.

“The new varieties coming from your Fancy Frangipanis are just amazing. We are looking forward to the stream of new varieties planned for future years.”

We put the full range on display in the foyer to the garden Centre, plants look great and the customers just love them.

Looking forward to the next flowering season the perfume from the flowers just filled our garden Centre. Just lovely.

My multigrafted frangipani just kept flowering with three colours on the one tree. It was just like a living bouquet for months. What a fantastic idea.

I have a smaller allotment and could not fit multiple plants into the garden. Your multigraft was just perfect, we now have three different flower colours in the one display.”

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Multi-grafted Magic

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Frangipani’s Fragrance

Frangipani’s Fragrance

In the sixteenth century, the Marquis Muzio Frangipani created a fragrance that would come to be known as Frangipani. As Italians began cultivating a certain stunning flowering plant, they were instantly struck by the similarities between the perfume of its flowers...