Frangipani’s Fragrance

In the sixteenth century, the Marquis Muzio Frangipani created a fragrance that would come to be known as Frangipani. As Italians began cultivating a certain stunning flowering plant, they were instantly struck by the similarities between the perfume of its flowers and the fragrance developed by the Marquis so they gave it his name.

Also known as the Hawaiian Lei Flower, Frangipani blossoms are as beautiful as they are fragrant with a lush floral scent that many say perfectly combines jasmine, vanilla and very mild citrus undertones. It soothes and relaxes but also manages to uplift.

These attributes have made it a popular choice for perfumers with frangipani infused scents being marketed by brands such as Chanel, Gucci and Bvlgari. More traditionally, Frangipani essential oils are highly regarded in Ayurvedic medicine and believed to have multiple healing properties ranging from internal cleansing to general rejuvenation.

Even without the extraction of oils and scents, frangipani flowers are often used for celebrations. They are strung together as leis in Hawaii to offer guests and make them feel welcome. Special meanings like strength, luck, longevity, togetherness or romance are attached to the different varieties used. Around the world, frangipanis offer a tropical look, feel and aroma to many wedding ceremonies and parties.

There are nearly infinite ways to enjoy the delightful scent of frangipanis from perfumes to spa products and more. We’ve even found it can be as simple as floating a few flowers in a bowl of water and letting the fragrance waft along on the breeze. However you do it, breathe deeply and enjoy!